Untitled (Holes)
Laser Print on Acetate Sheets and Cellulose Tape on Site Specific Project Space
19 x 3 m

Untitled (Holes) is a site-specific installation made utilising existing mounting holes in a project space. 350 astronomical objects, mainly galaxies and nebulas, are printed onto acetate sheets and overlaid onto existing holes from previous artwork hangs. Variations from the standard gallery hanging height are highlighted, drawing a visual connection to the milky way in the sky. These astronomical objects, obtained from publicly available archives, are inverted and edited to form a seamless edge against the wall. Each celestial object is arranged by size, spread and falloff to fit different hole profiles, taping each on two sides to lift the central image away from the holes to create parallax on each object-hole pair. The parallels between massive celestial objects and holes on the wall are an acknowledgement of the objects as gravitational wells, and their entropic demise, either becoming or succumbing into black holes.

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