Untitled (Holes)
Laser Print on Acetate Sheets and Cellulose Tape on Site Specific Project Space
19 x 3 m

Untitled (Holes) is a site-specific installation made utilising existing mounting holes in a project space. 350 astronomical objects, mainly galaxies and nebulas, are printed onto acetate sheets and overlaid onto existing holes from previous artwork hangs. Variations from the standard gallery hanging height are highlighted, drawing a visual connection to the milky way in the sky. These astronomical objects, obtained from publicly available archives, are inverted and edited to form a seamless edge against the wall. Each celestial object is arranged by size, spread and falloff to fit different hole profiles, taping each on two sides to lift the central image away from the holes to create parallax on each object-hole pair. The parallels between massive celestial objects and holes on the wall are an acknowledgement of the objects as gravitational wells, and their entropic demise, either becoming or succumbing into black holes.

Worlds Apart
Digital Film
2560 x 1440 pixels

Worlds Apart is an observation of low flying aeroplanes in London, long distance travelling, and my experience with the death of my grandmother. Scenes of aeroplanes and airports are juxtaposed with funeral proceedings to draw relationships between aeroplanes and a temple-like boat where the coffin resides in, as vehicles we occupy through life. In the film’s climax, audio from the cremation overlays a scene of a take off, with sounds of fireworks popping signifying a new beginning. 

Untitled Space

“Scale” is a painting installation inspired by the different perceived  distances and the varying scale of different cities Jay is familiar in.
In relation to his interest in the economics of scale and the infinite,  he attempts to tie in elements from natural phenomena, perception, fractals and landscape to illustrate the universality of scale as a larger phenomena.

Referencing travel experiences, the act of leaving a trail, Carl Sagan's "pale blue dot", and attempts at viewing the infinite, the various works come together to form part of Jay's larger narrative in his practice.
“Phase” is series of paintings comprising of liquid pigments suspended in air bubbles, suspended within a loosely stretched canvas. Physical space is encompassed in different forms, each bubble representing a field, universe or cell. Different bubbles interact with one another, like the social interactions of each person; unfolding of events.

Images and forms of organic bubbles made of liquid pigment and air resembles both the micro and macro - from the microorganisms during the formation of life to the nebulae in the formation of stars.

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